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Barn Door Hardware I.A Decor’s vs Others


spokedI.A Décor Barn Door Hardware VS Others

Many of the spoked wheel designs seen on the market are using retrofitted wheels that were not designed for barn doors.

In addition these wheels typically do not have sealed bearings. By not having sealed bearings they do not roll as smoothly and can wear down inside the shaft. Some of these wheels are casters, which are super wide as much as 2″ being the norm. In comparison, ours are sleek in design of about 1″ wide or less. Another issue I have seen is that if they do have bearings, they are not sealed. Not only can this be messy leaving hints of oil around your track, but also need continued oil maintenance. This can be a real hassle. (more…)

No Stain, No Sealer, Really?

waxedtableFrom Restoration Hardware to other sites I have seen the promoting of dining tables, end tables, coffee tables, beds and more touting no finish. Although at first glance it might seem cool being left natural and all. However, I deeply disagree with this method.

As a furniture craftsman and the leader of our manufacturing facility, experience has shown that unsealed furniture only leads to a poor quality product later. From warp-age, cracking, water rings, cleaning issues to splintering just to name a few issues you might want to consider. (more…)

What is Reclaimed Wood?

Wall1What is Reclaimed wood?

Reclaimed wood is lumber that has been reused from a prior source. For instance, wood recovered from an old barn, building, boat, pallets, etc. are all forms of Reclaimed wood.

Reclaimed wood really started primarily from an old delapedated barns, my favorite source. However, now I am finding that builders are using just about any source of used wood and calling it Reclaimed.

The problem by using just about any used wood such as pallets is that it could contain chemicals or other harmful substances. In fact, I have seen factory carts old and new smell like oil. The reason being is that the wood was soaked in creosote. (more…)

Factory Cart Coffee Table – This is the best by I.A Decor!

cartI have to hand it to Restoration Hardware for introducing the Antique Factory Carts as coffee tables. What a way to preserve history.

However, after getting the opportunity of seeing Antique Factory Carts and Reproduction factory cart coffee tables  in person, I had my disapointments!

The first was price. The antique factory carts were introduced with price tags over a $1000. This eliminated most people from being able to afford a factory cart coffee table.

The second was quality. I was not impressed by the restorations being done with these factory carts. It is not common for the wheels to be cracked and patched with epoxy or the wooden tops deteriorated. (more…)

Reclaimed Wood Furniture American or Import?

Reclaimed wood is becoming ever so popular. In America it started out as barnwood that was refined into furniture. However, now the term barnwood is diminishing and Reclaimed is in.

Unfortunately, the word Reclaimed for furniture is very broad. You really never know where the wood comes from these days. When it was barnwood, you knew it was from an old barn primarily from America. However, Reclaimed wood furniture is popping up from other countries on the USA market from such places as China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and other foreign countries. (more…)

Looking For Bloggers of Rustic, Cabin, Country

If you are a blogger not biased to any particular product or website and have a passion for Rustic, Cabin, Country or Primitive Decor please contact us.


Start With An Inspiration Piece

RhtImageTableSo you want to decorate your home but perhaps are not sure where to begin. Whether you are going through  an entire remake or starting from scratch in your new home, this should help you.

Where do you start?

This can sometimes be the hardest part of it all.  Do you just go out and start buying items to fill space? In my opinion this is a shotgun approach and you might find that you end up with a bunch of goods that you may wish you did not get.

After years of running our retail store, I found that it is best to start with a focal point or an inspiration piece. (more…)

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