Barn Door Hardware I.A Decor’s vs Others


spokedI.A Décor Barn Door Hardware VS Others

Many of the spoked wheel designs seen on the market are using retrofitted wheels that were not designed for barn doors.

In addition these wheels typically do not have sealed bearings. By not having sealed bearings they do not roll as smoothly and can wear down inside the shaft. Some of these wheels are casters, which are super wide as much as 2″ being the norm. In comparison, ours are sleek in design of about 1″ wide or less. Another issue I have seen is that if they do have bearings, they are not sealed. Not only can this be messy leaving hints of oil around your track, but also need continued oil maintenance. This can be a real hassle.

Have you seen the big 6inch spoked wheels with a star pattern? Although they may have a similar look to ours, there is no comparison. These types are cast iron designed to be fixed to a pulley shaft. They made for a belt to be driven on them. Again, no bearing and not made for barn doors. In fact, if you look closely, you will likely see a set pin screw and a keyway shaft at the hole.

So with all this said, what makes I.A Décor hardware different?  Here are some key points to consider:

  1. Our hardware has sealed bearings for a clean, smooth operation.
  2. Our hardware is specifically designed for its use….. barn doors.
  3. Our spoked wheel design features a composite material that is not only durable and authentic looking, but also creates a quite and added smoothness as well.
  4. Our spoked hardware features a sleek design rather then a bulky wheel.
  5. I.A Décor offers custom rail lengths and connectors to fit our customer’s needs.
Here is an image of some common retrofitted wheel types used by others.


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