Factory Cart Coffee Table – This is the best by I.A Decor!

cartI have to hand it to Restoration Hardware for introducing the Antique Factory Carts as coffee tables. What a way to preserve history.

However, after getting the opportunity of seeing Antique Factory Carts and Reproduction factory cart coffee tables  in person, I had my disapointments!

The first was price. The antique factory carts were introduced with price tags over a $1000. This eliminated most people from being able to afford a factory cart coffee table.

The second was quality. I was not impressed by the restorations being done with these factory carts. It is not common for the wheels to be cracked and patched with epoxy or the wooden tops deteriorated.

The third was smell. I was shocked that many of these factory carts, including the reproductions were smelling like fresh oil. I went to a furniture store in my area, sat down on a nice leather sofa and there in front of me was a reproduction factory cart coffee table. I could not bare the the rail road oil smell that was giving me a headache. It was terrible!

The fourth was movement. Shouldn’t a coffee table sit still? No really? Who wants a coffee table to move and pivot every time it is bumped or you put your feet on it? I think people don’t realize how annoying a moving coffee table will be until they get it home.

The fifth is size. Most of the carts are huge. Super long and sometimes deep. Most of these carts are not meant to fit in an average sized home that is for sure.

So here is a real solution:  Factory Cart Coffee Tables By: I.A Decor

Antique Factory Carts

Antique Factory Cart Coffee Tables

The Best in Factory Cart Manufacturing

It is built using primarily old Reclaimed barn wood, the wheels lock so it does not move, it is dimensionally practical, does not smell like oil and it is excellent quality.

Another advantage to the I. A Decor factory cart is the options of rust or raw metal and custom sizing.

Another neat feature of the I.A Decor Factory Cart Coffee Table is that each of the carts are uniquely numbered, dated and signed. They are gorgeous and functional too!


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