No Stain, No Sealer, Really?

waxedtableFrom Restoration Hardware to other sites I have seen the promoting of dining tables, end tables, coffee tables, beds and more touting no finish. Although at first glance it might seem cool being left natural and all. However, I deeply disagree with this method.

As a furniture craftsman and the leader of our manufacturing facility, experience has shown that unsealed furniture only leads to a poor quality product later. From warp-age, cracking, water rings, cleaning issues to splintering just to name a few issues you might want to consider.

In addition, stains and clear coat sealers bring out the grain and beauty of the wood. Years ago I started working with Reclaimed wood aka barnwood, I simply stained it and finalized it with a good furniture wax. Well I was not pleased when I started seeing it quickly retain water rings. After this, we now stain and seal our furniture. If we are going for a natural look on Reclaimed wood, we may skip the staining and simply add a non gloss sealer.

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