Reclaimed Wood Furniture American or Import?

Reclaimed wood is becoming ever so popular. In America it started out as barnwood that was refined into furniture. However, now the term barnwood is diminishing and Reclaimed is in.

Unfortunately, the word Reclaimed for furniture is very broad. You really never know where the wood comes from these days. When it was barnwood, you knew it was from an old barn primarily from America. However, Reclaimed wood furniture is popping up from other countries on the USA market from such places as China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and other foreign countries.

So before you get all excited about the Reclaimed wood coffee table, end table, bed, nightstand, dining table, be sure to find out its origin.

In fact, I have seen a number of reproduction pieces such as factory cart coffee tables smell like it just came from a rail road track exerting an strong oil smell.

Another concern of imported Reclaimed wood furniture is the potential hazardous materials that it brings into the USA. Lead paint, foreign bugs to other hazardous materials may be on your imported Reclaimed wood piece of furniture.

In conclusion, know the origin of your Reclaimed wood furniture as many companies leave this part out of the details. Keep in mind, most American made Reclaimed wood furniture boast American made.

Here at I.A Decor, we build Reclaimed wood furniture from turn of the century barnwood.

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