What is Reclaimed Wood?

Wall1What is Reclaimed wood?

Reclaimed wood is lumber that has been reused from a prior source. For instance, wood recovered from an old barn, building, boat, pallets, etc. are all forms of Reclaimed wood.

Reclaimed wood really started primarily from an old delapedated barns, my favorite source. However, now I am finding that builders are using just about any source of used wood and calling it Reclaimed.

The problem by using just about any used wood such as pallets is that it could contain chemicals or other harmful substances. In fact, I have seen factory carts old and new smell like oil. The reason being is that the wood was soaked in creosote.

If you are looking for Reclaimed wood furniture, we highly recommend that you know the source of where the Reclaimed wood is coming from. This is especially true when coming from outside the USA. You never know what is in or on the wood that you are getting from outside America. I suggest buy American Made rather than purchasing low cost Reclaimed wood furniture imports.

Most American made Reclaimed wood furniture is built from an old barn or building rather than rail road ties as found in the imports. Besides, this gives you more value, peace of mind and American history.

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