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Not All Barn Door Hardware Sellers Are The Same!

So you are looking to purchase that super cool barn door hardware for your home to give it an awesome look and functionality.  However, with all the different sellers and various price ranges there are some things you should consider first.

Wow! Here is a real deal, atleast you think it is until you Imageget it in person and find that the quality is not great, the service is terrible and the seller has little knowledge of what they are even truly selling.

I have seen this over and over and over again. The old saying of ‘You Get What You Pay For’ is most often true!

Think about this closely. The system says $49.99 and has free shipping to boot. I know for a fact it cost about $35 on average to ship hardware. After shipping there really is no room for profit when you consider they had to buy it to resell and pay for shipping to them.

Below are a few examples of questions that customers sent to a seller who clearly had little knowledge of their own product.

SellerComment1In the above example the seller is trying to sell an 78″ rail system for a 42″ door. This can not work in reality! A 42″ door would require an 89″ rail for the doors to completely open and leave room for the stops.


In this above example, you can see that even for a 78″ rail, the seller sends it in two pieces and without a splicer. This is a very low quality method for both look and durability. I have even seen these sent in 3 to 4 piece rails and it looks terrible. This is all about cutting the shipping cost over quality.


Here is another example of the seller not knowing their product and giving the customer false expectations. I know this set quite well and that wheel is actually 2.75″.


In this case, the customer does not even have a heavy door and the seller is unsure if his hardware will accommodate the weight.

I believe you get the point. One answer to a question we had seen that I have not listed that really shocked me was that the customer asked what the wheel was made of. The seller said they are not really sure, could be plastic or maybe metal.

Our advice is to steer away from low priced sellers that obviously mass sell and are not concerned about knowing the product or providing quality. Find a reputable seller that you can count on so that you can avoid the hassles that so many other people have faced.

At I.A Décor, we take pride in knowing our product well, providing a phone number and other media so that you can get all your questions professionally answered and know what you are getting. We believe in getting it right the first time and providing quality products and services.

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