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Why Choose I.A Decor For Your Barn Door Hardware?...

Many Sellers Never See Their Products

You may be tempted to take the bait of a lower priced product line. Beware, many barn door hardware sellers never personally handle nor see their product before selling it to you. With the rise of Amazon and many other online selling platforms, a company can have their products sent directly to a warehouse. ChinastoreIn fact, a seller can store their items in Amazon warehouses and use the storage to sell products outside of Amazon.


In many cases,  you are buying from a China based company that shipped directly to Amazon and uses a USA or Canadian address. The quality standards are decreased and you are stuck trying to work with a seller outside of the USA at entirely different timezones and language barriers. Although not always the case, if measurements are in metric measurements, your not likely dealing with USA.


May Look The Same Or Similar But Are Not!

Products may look similar in a product listing, but are they? We have seen many items look so close in an image, but in reality they are not the same. Quality of a product can rarely be seen in an online image.RockWheel


As an example of quality, in the image to the right, the wheel system is poorly made. The wheel is very loose and actually rocks back and forth on the shaft with excessive play. This will cause for a door to whobble down the rail and will compromise the strength of the hardware.


In addition, we have seen hardware with rails as short as 72" be shipped in three pieces to keep shipping cost down. However, when you put it in place it looks terrible. 


Poor Shipping Practices 

The last thing you want when you receive your product is damaged goods. Although nobody is excempt from product damage due to shipping ScuffedHangers mishandling, much of it can be avoided. 


Many companies cut corners on packaging to avoid additional cost in a competitive world. There is no profit in shipping. Some of these practices may be items not well protected from each other. Otherse may be rails not properly supported with the end result being bent on arrival. 


We personally package our products to assure the best possible protection. All of our rail kits have edge protectors to strengthen the package to avoid bending during shipment. We have a super low damage claim rate. We actually lose money on our shipping as we put a higher emphasis on getting our products to you safely. 


Wheel Quality

Barn door hardware wheel quality and hangers can vary. Although most systems will have a cool look, the quality of the wheel systems can be under par. CastPulleyWheel


Many smaller companies use a Zinc/Aluminum blended wheel that have no bearings and known to crack as well as warp. They are made from pulley wheels designed to be fixed to a compressor. They were not designed to roll on a rail, but rather for a belt. Being that they are designed to fix to a solid shaft with a screw pin, they have no bearings. This can cause for squeeking, unloosening of shaft bolts (wheel can fall off) and premateure wear.


In the picture to the right, you can see the solid, non bearing hole and the set pin. A big difference between many others and I.A Decor is that our wheels have a double sealed ball bearings called 'Hush Puppy'. This gives the ultimate, quiet roll. We also offer two styles of our popular wheel systems. The first and most popular is our composite wheel. These wheels are not plastic, but rather a durable composite that looks like metal. They are super quiet, can hold over 200 pounds and roll super smooth. 




For those insisting on a steel wheel, we have an exclusive design to I.A Decor that also uses our 'Hush Puppy' dual sealed ball bearings and are made from solid billet steel.


Our solid steel wheel barn door hardware have a unique round spoked wheel design. They are a super duty system for those that have SteelWheeloversized doors. We offer this system in both straight front hangers as well as the J style that arch over the weel shown to the left.


Each kit comes with an upgraded 1/4" rail and longer lag bolts. This is a top of the line system second to none on the market.



Customer Service

I.A Decor takes great pride in being there for our customers. From pre sale to installation, we are their for you. We offer phone service, where Customer Service Call many others don't. We have heard from customers that others that offer phone numbers are still super hard to get in touch with or get a return call from. This is not the case with I.A Decor. In the case we miss your call, we will call you back promptly. We understand that there are times you need immediate assistance during your install. 


We also answer our emails and other contact messaging even into the late evenings. It is our goal to give you the fastest contact service possible. 

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