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We Have A Solution To Covering Knob Holes On Doors!...


Ever seen a door that you wish you could use for your barn door project but it has already been drilled for a door knob?

We have seen so many different cool doors from Home Depot, LowesKnobHoles

and the like that would make for a great sliding barn door. 


Unfortunately, all those doors already had the door knob holes drilled. Bummer! It would never look right trying to patch the hole.


Well, look no further. We have a solution for you. I.A Décor manufactures a barn door handle with a larger back and front plate to cover the holes. T

The back plate is offered in both 2-1/2" and 3" wide. 





Sliding Barn Door Hardware...


BarnDoorWheel 2

I.A Decor offers some of the finest quality sliding barn door hardware on the market. Featuring our 'Hush Puppy' sealed bearing barn door wheels in solid and spoked wheel designs. Our sealed wheels have the lowest maintenance and smoothest performance. In addition, we offer a high density composite design for a quite roll.


Our rails come in two options, 3/16" x 1- 1/2" solid steel rail painted in a satin black or by request you can upgrade to a 1/4" thick rail. The rails are custom done in our own factory in USA. You can order them with no prior drilled holes or predrilled at no extra cost.


Our complete kits include the barn door wheel hangers, anti jump rings, rail ( when chosen ), spacers, bolts, washers, floor guid and soft bump wheel stops.


You can choose between many different designs from solid wheel, spoked wheel and vintage styles.


Barn door rails can be any length. Longer than 95.5" rails will ship in more than one piece due to ups and fedex restrictions. Our lengths can be virtually ordered to the nearest 1/2 inch. Need 6' , 7', 8', 9', 10', 11', 12', 13, or even 60 foot barn door rails, no problem. 


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Barn Door Hardware, Spoked Wheel Barn Door, Industrial Barn Hardware, Rustic Barn Door Hardware, Sliding Barn Door Hardware, Custom Barn Door Hardware Kit and more!




Our Master Craftsman...




It all started years ago when my dad owned his own construction company

I began my trade carrying lumber and cleaning up my dads construction jobs. As time went on, I began to take the wood working trade on for myself as a carpenter, building homes for residential construction companies. Fast forwarding to 2003, I took a job with a friend building rustic log furniture. I liked working with logs. However, I found it lacked creativity as there was only so much you can do with logs.

At this point I was really into antiques. I would take pieces of the past and rejuvinate them. We started our business displaying out goods in an antique booth that we rented in our local town. Soon it would move from renovation of pieces of the past to a desire of actually building my own items. Learning the functions of antique furniture, really gave me the ability to create my own pieces of furniture. 

After 12 years of owning our own furniture and decor business, which officially started in October of 2005, we focus on building our own furniture, decor and the ever so popular barn door systems.




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