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Barn Door Floor Guides Steel U Guide Super Strong 2" High

$19.95 each
Steel U Guide Color Options

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Barn Door Floor Guide Steel U



Barn Door Floor Guide - Adjustable Floor Mount Door Guide for sliding barn doors.
Solid Steel 2" high or 3" high option. Made in the USA

Now available in White, Silver, Black, Gold or Raw Foundry (factory grey) and Rust.
A white door guide is great for a white door.
A silver door guide goes well with Stainless Steel door hardware.
A black door guide, just like a black pair of pants, goes well with everything :)
A gold door guide is great for the trending gold hardware.
A raw door guide has a industrial look.

We are excited to offer our hand crafted heavy duty steel barn door hardware floor guides.

This barn door floor guide keeps the doors well aligned while also keeping the doors from being scratched. Take notice our soft felt strips. Most other systems on the market will create a wear mark on your nice door. This keeps your door from swinging out and back into your wall.

Very easy to install with the 4 provided screws. Fits any door thickness... from standard to super thick.

If you have a larger gap between the floor and the bottom of your barn door then the 3" high option is best. See our 3" barn door u guides.

Mounts to the floor. Cement floors will need concrete screws.

Approx. Dimensions:
2" H x 1 1/4" W x can fit any door thickness.

When mounted to the floor and touching the space between the brackets is approximately 1 3/8" and can be spaced farther apart for thicker far as you need.

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