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No Show Barn Door Hardware

$199.00 each
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Low Profile,High Quality, Super Strong, Dual Sealed Bearings!

Please allow 5-7 days to make



Hidden No Show Barn Door Hardware Lowest Profile

Featuring our solid alloy super strong wheels. Our 'Hush Puppy'  alloy wheels are super quiet with dual sealed ball bearings.

What is in the barn door kit?
(1) 77" rail 3/16" (Contact Us For Custom Lengths)
(2) dual alloy wheels
(10) wheel axles
(5) Rail bolts and washers
(2) Stops with cushion
(2) Rail anti jumpers
(1) T floor guide (requires 1/4" groove in bottom of door)


Note: You can put the door nearest to the ceiling if needed. However, the rail will approximately 4.5" below the door on the back side. 


What sets us apart from other sellers? 
We are in USA! We have the Highest quality & excellent customer service.  You can reach us before purchase and after purchase to help you.

We offer Custom.
If you have needs not provided on our website, you can reach out to us for your custom needs.



Call for custom rails or request 208.661.6968


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