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Sliding Barn Door Cane Style Kit

$109.95 each
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Quality metal construction with composite wheel. Our dual ball bearing with composite wheel design gives a super smooth and quiet operation while offereing a 250 pound rating.


How to determine your rail size:

Take your door width, double it and add about 5" for the stops.


Note: Hardware is standard for 1-3/8" to 1-1/2" door thickness. If thicker contact us as we will need to make custom bolts, spacers, etc.


What is in the kit?
(2) Small Wheel With Cane Style Hangers
(4) Wheel Hanger Washers, Bolts and Nuts
(5) Metal Rail To Wall Spacers
(5) Lag Bolts

(1) Rail When Selected

        (Note: 96" rails are actual 95.5" for shipping purposes)
(2) Rubberized Door Rail Stops
(1) Floor Guide
(1) Instruction Sheet
(2) Anti Jumpers

Note: Longer Rails Included Added Spacers, Bolts and Washers


Compare Ours

Power Points Of Our System Compared To Others:
1. Sealed ball bearings. Not straight shaft nor needle bearings.
Note: Non bearing styles wear. Needle bearings leak and require maintenance.
2. Wheels specifically for barn doors. Not makeshift V groove pulleys that are not made for rails. V groove wheels are noisy and do not stay in line on rail.
3. Our wheel stops have rubber to cushion the landing and prolong life.


Call for custom rails or request 208.772.8282


-No returns on hardware-

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