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Beware Of Chinese Companies Posing As Americans For Barn Door Hardware...


Being in the barn door hardware business, I am seeing more and more Chinese sellers deceiving Americans by listing their barn door hardware as shipping from USA , but really shipping from China! ChineseShip


They are doing it in two ways. First way is that they send the items to distribution center in the U.S. The other is using a USA address and sending from China directly. You will notice the prices are cheap and often offer free shipping.


How does this effect you?

1.) If items are missing or faulty, it can be hard to get replacement parts.

2.) Lack of proper English communication leading to confusion and hassles.

3.) Measurements and instructions in metric system. This is also a quick way to know that you are dealing with a foreigner.

4.) In some cases, super long delivery times of up to 30 days or more.

5.) Rails being sent in many small pieces. For example, you might get a 78″ rail that is sent to you in 3 pieces that you have to butt together. Looks terrible.


We suggest, really knowing who you are dealing with. Buying from a true USA seller that actually lives and does business in the United States can reduce hassles and increase your chance of getting a quality product and service. Other countries, do not communicate nor do business in the same fashion as we do here in America. They also do not respond in the time of day that our country is up and doing business. 

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