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It all started years ago when my dad owned his own construction company

I began my trade carrying lumber and cleaning up my dads construction jobs. As time went on, I began to take the wood working trade on for myself as a carpenter, building homes for residential construction companies. Fast forwarding to 2003, I took a job with a friend building rustic log furniture. I liked working with logs. However, I found it lacked creativity as there was only so much you can do with logs.

At this point I was really into antiques. I would take pieces of the past and rejuvinate them. We started our business displaying out goods in an antique booth that we rented in our local town. Soon it would move from renovation of pieces of the past to a desire of actually building my own items. Learning the functions of antique furniture, really gave me the ability to create my own pieces of furniture. 

After 12 years of owning our own furniture and decor business, which officially started in October of 2005, we focus on building our own furniture, decor and the ever so popular barn door systems.




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